Wall lizard project - Winspit Quarry colony

Winspit Quarry


Closest Town:

SWANAGE (5.6 km)


Introduction date:

Circa 1986

Site Name:

Winspit Quarry


Source of introduction:

Captive bred stock, released by a private breeder. Original stock believed to have been imported from Brittany (France) in 1982.

Site Access:



Colony Status:


Relative population estimate:



Extirpation date:



This colony, based at the popular climbing quarry, is believed to comprise the green-backed form, as found at the other Purbeck coastal sites. The date of origin is unknown, although it is thought to have been a deliberate release.

There are reports from 2007 of wall lizards being found on properties at Worth Matravers, more than a kilometre inland from Winspit Quarry. It is possible that this is an indication of the spread of this colony, but could equally be a human local translocation.

Ecological impact:

Not assessed


Sea cliffs/Quarry face. Rock outcrops with associated vegetation.


Presumed Podarcis muralis muralis.

Morph at Winspit Quarry
Morph at Winspit Quarry
Morph at Winspit Quarry
Morph at Winspit Quarry