Wall lizard project - West Worthing colony

West Worthing


Closest Town:

WORTHING (2.9 km)


Introduction date:

First reported 2004

Site Name:

West Worthing


Source of introduction:

Unknown - But possibly from the Shoreham by Sea colony.

Site Access:



Colony Status:


Relative population estimate:



Extirpation date:



The earliest reports of this colony come from a railway worker around the train sheds to the north of the railway line in 2004. The sheds were removed in 2008, and the fate of the wall lizards on this side of the track is unknown.

The colony first came to the attention of the wider herpetological community in 2007. A survey shortly afterwards found many animals on the South side of the track, around the car park and station building. A very large percentage of juveniles were sighted, suggesting that this is a thriving colony.

There is some speculation that these animals may have expanded along the railway lines from the older Shoreham colony, or perhaps have transfered via rolling stock. It is equally likely that this is a deliberate introduction, although not using what would be considered as classic habitat for the species.

Ecological impact:

Not assessed


Railway station, mostly using platform structures, cracks in curbing and various refugia in fenced off areas.


Green-backed form, probably of Italian origin.

Morph at West Worthing
Morph at West Worthing
Morph at West Worthing
Morph at West Worthing